BSK Bungalows

Visit our beautiful Bungalows and experience some rest and relaxation. The BSK Bungalows offer spacious, comfortable, and affordable accommodations perfect for that much-needed break. Our bungalows are located in a tranquil, secluded area at only 15 min walking to the ocean. 5 min walking to 7/11. We have a private swimming pool for our guests. We have bungalows with king size bed or twin large beds. A living room, a bathroom, a kitchen. Enjoy the calming atmosphere of the outdoors and brilliant sunsets. The bungalows are surrounded by trees, plants and birds giving you a special jungle experience. Our bungalows come equipped with the water all the amenities you will need for a nice stay. Whether you're planning a vacation or for a long stay, BSK Bungalows is the perfect spot for you. Come and discover the beauty of nature in our stunningly beautiful bungalows. Digital nomads will especially appreciate our strong wifi.